Multiple channels with same user being created from new channel screen

I created a channel with a user, say XYZ, from the new channel screen. When I go to the channel list screen again and select the same user again, a new channel with that user is created rather than opening the old channel with that user.

I am using SendBird UIKit v3.5.3 for Android(based on v4.6.1 of the Sendbird chat SDK) and in iOS I using SendBird UIKit v3.5.7 for iOS(based on v4.8.4 of the Sendbird chat SDK).

Any help will be appreciated.

while creating channel, set below thing,
params.isDistinct = true

“isDictint” determines whether to reuse an existing channel or create a new channel. Setting this property to true returns a channel with the same users in USER_IDS or creates a new channel if no match is found. If set to false , the Sendbird server always creates a new channel with the specified combination of users as well as the channel custom type.

Hello @Kartik_Joshi,

Yes, @Kinjal_Panchal is correct. If you want to continuously use the same channel for 1:1 chats, you should set the isDistinct flag to true during channel creation.

Please see the following docs pages for reference: