channelListQueryParams changes does not change the group channel list

We use a custom form to apply some filters to the group channel list, for example a toggle for unreadChannelFilter.

After migrating from 3.6.10 to 3.13.4, and applying, and especially the replacement of queries.channelListQuery by channelListQueryParams, the changes to any of the query params are not triggering a refresh of the group channels list anymore.

I tried:

  1. to disable cache in SendBirdProvider with sdkInitParams={{ localCacheEnabled: false }}
  2. to embed the component within GroupChannelListProvider then use the refresh method of useGroupChannelListContext in the child component that manage the GroupChannelList.
    but couldn’t find a way for the list to take in account filter changes once the group channel list is created.

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  1. create a group channel list with some channelListQueryParams which values are passed from a custom form
  2. update some of the params passed to channelListQueryParams
    You will see that the group channels is not filtered with new values, it’s actually re-rendered but with the same non-filtered values.

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Blocking migration from ChannelList to GroupChannelList as we need this filter update to impact the list in order to maintain the same behaviour.