Channels Including Super Groups

Query all channels, even those that don’t include the member

Hi @The_Elemans, Could you clarify your use-case (question) please?

i need to retrieve all application channels including those that am not a member in.

To clarify, SBDGroupChannelListQuery and SBDPublicGroupChannelListQuery are not returning public channels that don’t include the user even if you include empty channels and set publicChannelFilter / publicMembershipFilter to all.

Whether or not the public channel you want to get is a supergroup doesn’t seem to matter.

@The_Elemans It is not possible in SDK. SDK retrieves group channels of which the user is a member. But you can retrieve all group channels with a secondary token(or master token (not recommended to use it on the client-side)) as admin.

It is not possible in SDK. SDK retrieves group channels of which the user is a member.

So the recommended way to join public channels on iOS is to first query for public channel urls using the Platform API and then join one using the iOS SDK?

Is this the case with the SDK for JavaScript as well? According to @Tyler, public channels should show up for users regardless of join status.

@HTC Yes, right. But @Tyler is talking about the open channel, not the group channel or supergroup channel. Open channels do not require a memberships feature. Every user can retrieve them, enter, and leave them. @Tyler Can you add something here?

I’m actually not referring to Open channels in my related post. I’m talking about Public group channels.

In the core JS SDK, in order to find a list of public channels, regardless of the users join status, you must utilize a PublicGroupChannelListQuery.

For some reason, we still can’t get a list of public channels to join even if we use SBDPublicGroupChannelListQuery in the iOS SDK. It only returns channels that the user has already joined.

Would someone be able to help investigate? Otherwise, we’d have to first query for public channels to join using the Platform API, which sounds counter-intuitive.


Please DM me the following items:

  • Application ID
  • Example user_id
  • Example PublicGroup channel_url
  • Example code of query you’re using and how you’re calling it.

Also just to confirm, are you using this with the UIKit or standalone?