Want to fetch public group non invited and joined channel

Hi i want to fetch a list of group channels that are public and which are not joined by the current user also he is not invited to the group. I have tried to find out the filter for it but I am not getting an appropriate solution could you please help me with this

        self.channelListQuery = SBDGroupChannel.createMyGroupChannelListQuery()
        self.channelListQuery?.order = .latestLastMessage
        self.channelListQuery?.limit = 20
        self.channelListQuery?.publicChannelFilter = .public
        self.channelListQuery?.includeEmptyChannel = true
        self.channelListQuery?.queryType = .and
        self.channelListQuery?.memberStateFilter = .statefilterInvitedByNonFriend

Hell0 @patelvivek9115,

Can you check out SBDGroupChannel.createPublicGroupChannelListQuery()? And see if that works for you?