Chat Bot Limits

Hello! I am trying to implement Bots in my react native chat app + platform api.
Unfortunately there are no clear documentation about the limits of Chat Bots, so I am asking a few questions.

  1. Stated in the below documentation, it states that “Users can join up to 2,000 group channels”. Is this also same for bots? Can bots only join up to 2,000 group channels?

  1. I am currently testing out my Developer plan, and in the dashboard in

Settings > Chat > Features > Chatbot Interface,

it states in the Monthly Quota sections that “2 total active days of all chatbots (system limit allows up to 2 total active days of all chatbots” is the limit.

In the right section of “How is chatbot interface calculated?” It states the definition of “active chatbots” not “active days of chatbots”.

So does this mean there is a Monthly Quota of 1) “2 total active chatbots per month”? or 2) “2 total active days of chatbots per month” ?

    1. is different, but there is no definition of what an “active ‘day’ of chatbot” is in the dashboard.

It will be very helpful for me to move forward to the paid plan if I know these definitions/limits clearly because I am trying to build a chat app that focuses heavily on the bot interface.


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I wrote this answer 23 days before, but still didn’t get any response at all :frowning: