Chat Elements Refresh When Tabbing Back To Page?

I am using the UIKid in my Typescript React / NextJS project. I’ve dropped the UIKid component into my app with something like:

import App from "sendbird-uikit";

const MySendbird: React.FC<props> = (props) => {
    <App appId="myappid" userId="myuserid">

I noticed that every time I tab onto the page where the UIKit component is rendered on, the UIKit refreshes itself and also sends out a failed PUT call to

How do I stop these two behaviors from occurring? Here’s a link to a screen capture of this.

Hello, @diggtydo,

The tab behavior is interesting. If you tab into the window, are you firing off a function when you tab? Something that would update state?

As for the PUT error, its because delivery receipts is a premium feature, which either is not included in your subscription, or not enabled on your application. We’re working on an option to remove this feature for when you either don’t want to use it, or its not included in your subscription. However, I have no ETA on that at this time.