Chat history not working

I enabled chat history in the sendbird dashboard, but still I don’t see history in chats.
What am I missing? is there anything I need to do with chat SDK?

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[UIKit Version]
SDK version 3.6.0

[Reproduction Steps]
Enable chat history, join a private group channel, get some new messages, leave channel, join again, the channel now has no messages.

Every time

[Current impact]
Blocker for feature development

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Hello @Tsah_Weiss1

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Can you check the message retention hours? The chat history may not be visible if the messages have exceeded the retention period.

Reference: Update global application settings | Chat Platform API | Sendbird Docs

We did not change message retention period.

After further investigation, it seems that the history is received, but then all the messages get deleted.

Visually it looks like the messages appear for a fraction of a second and then disappear.

What could cause this?

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More precisely we’re receiving a notification in MessageCollectionHandler.onMessagesDeleted()
that all messages are deleted.

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Looks like there was some issues with the cache. This should be fixed by this Wednesday 19th July’23.