Strange Behavior in Public Group Channels: Inconsistent Chat History Accessibility

Hello Sendbird community!

I recently encountered some inconsistent behavior while using public group channels and wanted to discuss it with the community and the Sendbird team.

Issue: When I open a public group channel without joining, I can read the previous conversation in the chat room. However, I believe this behavior might not be intentional since it contradicts the concept of joining a channel to access its content.

Expected Behavior: In my opinion, it would be more intuitive if the previous conversation in a public group channel was not accessible until a user officially joins the channel. This would align with the standard expectation that joining a channel grants access to its history and ongoing conversation.

Suggested Improvement: To provide a more seamless user experience, it would be great if the previous conversation in a public group channel was hidden until the user joins the channel. Once joined, the user should be able to access both the chat history and participate in the ongoing conversation.

I believe implementing this improvement would align the behavior of public group channels with user expectations and create a more consistent experience throughout Sendbird-powered applications.

I look forward to hearing from the community and the Sendbird team regarding this behavior and any insights or plans for improving chat history accessibility in public group channels.

Thank you all for your attention and support!