Chat SDK v4 send message onSucceeded handler not called

Both sendUserMessage.onSucceeded and sendFileMessage.onSucceeded handlers are not called after sending a user/file message, even after MessageCollectionHandler.onMessageUpdated received the event EVENT_MESSAGE_SENT_SUCCESS for that particular message.

I am having a similar issue. Is there a reason that sendUserMessage doesn’t just return a promise? Neither the onSucceeded nor the onFailed callbacks are being executed for me. But I do see that the thunk is dispatching a rejected action in my redux store…

return new Promise((resolve, reject) => {
      .sendUserMessage({ message: text })
      .onSucceeded(message => {
        console.log({ message })
        resolve({ channelUrl: url, message: message as Message })
      .onFailed(error => {
        console.log({ error })
        logError('Unable to send message', { url: channel.url, error })
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Hi @jkepps,

Let me dig into this. From what I can tell looking at the code, .onSucceeded and .onFailed should definitely be called.