File message does not appear on channel after sent


I’m using @sendbird/chat 4.0.4 on react-native 0.63.4 based app.

On the latest project, I need to implement file upload on chat, so I added this logic:

  const messageAttachmentParams: FileMessageCreateParams[] =
    attachment => {
      const { uri, name, size, type } = attachment;
      const param: FileMessageCreateParams = {
        pushNotificationDeliveryOption: PushNotificationDeliveryOption.DEFAULT,
        file: {
        fileName: name,
        mimeType: type as string,
        fileSize: size as number,
        thumbnailSizes: [{ maxWidth: 200, maxHeight: 200 }],

      return param;

    .onPending((message: SendableMessage) => {
      console.log("onPending", message);
    .onSucceeded((message: SendableMessage) => {
      console.log("onSucceed", message);
    .onFailed((error: Error) => {
      console.log("onFailed", error);

After that, onSucceeded was called as expected, and a receiver could see the file message sent, but nothing appeared on sender screen. (the message was displayed after reloading chat data)
Do I need to do anything else after sending file messages?

And one more, how can I get file transmission progress? I remember that v3 has fileProgressHandlerCallback, but I couldn’t find anything on v4. it looks onPending does not return actual progress.

Oh, NVM. I found why - my app’s issue.