Connection Timeout 800190 when changing the App ID from the sample app to my newly created app


I cloned the repository at GitHub - sendbird/sendbird-chat-sample-react-native: Sendbird Chat SDK sample for React-Native. and was able to start the sample app and login as a test user.

I created my own “Application” in Sendbird, and copied the App ID from there into sendbird-chat-sample-react-native/App.tsx at main · sendbird/sendbird-chat-sample-react-native · GitHub and now when I start up the application and enter a userid and click “Connect” it does successfully register the user (I can see new users appear in the Users section of my application dashboard) but fails to login (I get the error 800190, Connection Timeout and the app does not move past the login screen).

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[UIKit Version]

[Reproduction Steps]
Clone the repo above
Replace the App ID in App.tsx with a newly created Sendbird application
Try to log in

Every time

[Current impact]
I can’t continue building my app

Hello @Jonathan_Cass

It looks like the error message “800190 Connection timeout.” is being displayed when users are in an area with a slow network and the connection request is taking too long to complete.

To resolve this issue, could you increase the response timeouts? This may help in ensuring that users do not continue to face similar problems.

API reference for setting websocketResponseTimeout - SendbirdChatOptions | Sendbird Chat SDK Reference - v4.12.5

Let me know if this helps.