Problem with chat SDK for react native app

Hi everyone! I need urgent technical help.
To briefly describe the problem: we are trying to use your chat skd with react native. We have tried everything for 2 weeks and it is still not working.
We had huge problems with telephony. Updating all the libraries and changing everything - now we face even bigger issue with the chat which was supposed to be a ready-made solution!

We connected all using UI kit. And it says connected however we do not receive any user’s data back!
We followed the documentation to connect it.
User is online, connect works but it says ERROR NO CONNECT and we do not get any info.

Could you please provide examples to connect?
We know there is an option to connect with firebase as well but the reviews left by other developers are bad and they do not recommend it.
Can you have a call with us ASAP?
The deadline for our project release is in 2 weeks.
Could you please get back to us ASAP with tech team

Included App ID in the last line of my paragraph

Hello @Irina_Kashuba, and welcome to the Sendbird community.

Could you please provide me with your code that shows where you are implementing the SendbirdUIKitContainer?

When do you receive this error? Are you performing any actions or is it immediately after you connect?

I will ask the developer to send the code in a few hours.
And answer the second questions as well.
Please have someone paying attention to this thread as this is urgent

We get the error when: connect passes, dashboard status is changes but when I try to display some component (chat or other) any from them - user not connected

Here are code screenshots

From the error message in your screenshot, you are not connecting the user before you render the GroupChannelListFragment. I see where you are connecting in your MessageScreen function, but it appears that is being rendered after the GroupChannelListScreen.

Could you provide copy the complete code and paste it here for that file?

Ok! Will be able to do it in a few hours or more like in 16 hours. Can you please set this chat as priority and make sure someone answers to me in 15 hours?

The devloper sent the video recording with everything. You can see when we have an error. You can check how we connected it.

Ian, are you there? Please watch the video and help us

Hello @Irina_Kashuba,

I need the code you are using so I can recreate what you are seeing. Could you have your developer please create a sample using your existing and upload it to a GitHub repository and send me the link so I can view the code.

After 2 weeks of trying we were able to connect UI.
Now we have another problem -we get a bug error “SendBirdException: Failed at loading group channels” every other time when we are trying to send request to get and display the list of group channels. It happens once and then works 2 times no problem, then again happens once. It is a bug with SDK on your side.
Our app is react native app.

Can you fix this bug today-tomorrow?

Hello @Irina_Kashuba,

Please understand that our Support team works to help all of our customers globally. We ask that you exercise patience when working with our team on the Community. They are often busy helping other customers and cannot respond immediately. Please refrain from continuously pinging the Sendbirdian working on your case. They are alerted automatically when you make a reply.


@Tyler Hi, ok! Understood. Could you please tell me if the engineers can fix the bug which comes and goes? It is the issue with the SDK, we have checked.
What is your typical bug fixing time? Thank you
Still waiting for Ian to get back to me


We need the code to recreate the issue. Once you provide it and we will work to recreate and investigate the issue. When we start investigating, we will be able to provide an estimation.

If your developers are able to create a sample application that demonstrates the issue and provide us with the code via GitHub, that will help expedite the process.

Ok! Will try to get this to you tomorrow. Thanks

@Ian_Wright Hello! Here are 2 screenshots. Pathy to recreate the error. and zip with code

  1. Uncaught Erro: Failed at loading group channels
    path: ./SendbirdChat/page/Channels.js

  2. Uncaught Error: undefined is not an object (evaluating ‘’)
    path: ./SendbirdChat/page/Chat.js (31.4 KB)

Have you started investigation? @Ian_Wright


I have just returned to the office today, and will start investigating Monday.

I will reply as soon as I have an update.

@Ian_Wright Hi Ian, just a kind reminder to start fixing the bug. Our project is being delayed bc of this sendbird launch. We wanted to use sendbird for 2 other projects which are in progress with reactnative so we would appreciate if this urgent issue can be solved soon

any news? It has been 11 days since your last reply