Could we get channel metadata alongside with channelList?

I checked our api of myGroupChannel list and channel metadata, i dont know why channel metadata not return along with channel list?

Is channel metadata just for filter channelList?

Is there any chance to include channel metadata within channel response?

Hope to get your reply, thks!

Hi @Lei_Miao

Great question. As you have found the channel metadata is not included when calling for a list of channels. In some part this is for performance reasons, and also the order of development. I will our engineering team regarding the possibility of including the channel metadata when querying for channels.

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Awesome, including channel metadata would help a lot for us using sendbird more smoothly.
Looking forward it can be sorted quickly!

Hi @Jason, is there any plan date to release add channel metadata into channel list?

If it would happened in the near future, we can use these channel metadatas to do some customizationes for channel list directly without additional channel metadata request one by one.

Thanks again!

Hi @Lei_Miao

Looking out the working progress for and include meta_data parameter, I would suggest it might be released within two or three weeks from now.

Wow, pretty cool!!! looking forward to use this feature soon!