How to get metadata of channel in sendbird-uikit-react v3?

I want to retrieve metadata of channelList and currentChannel, while i tried cachedMetaData not working for me.

tried channel.cachedMetaData in ChannelList.renderChannelPreview
tried in channel component:

  const channelStore = useChannelContext();
  const channel = channelStore?.currentGroupChannel;

btw, i can see metadata of channel in list api response.

then, how can i get the metadata inside the uikit-react?

Hello @Lei_Miao , Welcome to Sendbird Community!

    channelListQuery: {
      includeMetaData: true

This will help to include the metadata when fetching the channel list.

Reference: GroupChannelListQuery | Sendbird Chat SDK Reference - v4.0.0

Let me know if this helps.