Creating a new group channel with the React ChannelList component

When using the <ChannelList /> component in the UIKit to create a new group channel, is there a way to set the name of that channel? I know how to set the name when using the Javascript SDK directly, but can I also set the name with the UIKit?

I think I found it with the onBeforeCreateChannel property.

Hi @mwq27, using the onBeforeCreateChannel property, you should indeed be able to alter the channelName. Here is a sample from the documentation:

onst ChannelWithOnBeforeCreateChannel = ({ sdk }) => (
    <div style={{ height: '520px' }}>
        <ChannelList onBeforeCreateChannel={(selectedUsers) => {
                if (!sdk || !sdk.GroupChannelParams) { return }
                const params = new sdk.GroupChannelParams();
       = CUSTOM_NAME;
                return params;