"No channels" using SendbirdChat

// Detailed description of issue.
When using SendbirdApp and creating a new group channel with 2 users, the channel doesn’t appear in channel list or is selected automatically. This is happend since yesterday.

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[UIKit Version]“^3.9.2”
// What version of the SDK are you using?4.10.5

[Reproduction Steps]
// Please provide reproduction steps and, if possible, code snippets. Channel creation: const initSendbirdSession = useCallback(async () => {
try {
await sb.connect(user?.userData?.sub, user?.userTokens?.accessToken);
const [, unreadedMessages] = await Promise.all([
nickname: user?.userData?.name,
profileUrl: user?.userData?.picture,
if (initChat) {
const createChannelParams = {
isDistinct: false,
invitedUserIds: [user?.userData?.sub, initChat],
await sb.groupChannel.createChannel(createChannelParams);

} catch (err) {
} finally {

}, [

useEffect(() => {
return () => {
}, [initSendbirdSession]);

chat use:

<SendbirdChat breakpoint=‘744px’ {…sendbirdProviderProps} />

uikit import: const SendbirdChat = dynamic(() => import(‘@sendbird/uikit-react/App’), {
ssr: false,

I’m using next 13.

// How frequently is this issue occurring?
Everyday. I cannot use the app

[Current impact]
// How is this currently impacting your implementation? High impact

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Can confirm we’re having the same issue. I can see the user connecting successfully, but /users/<id>/my_group_channels... is returning an empty array. When I search for the user on the dashboard it shows they have many channels.

@Tecnologia_Projeto_Mais_800 did you find a solution?

Hi, Dehm, unfortunately I don’t find any solution, but instead use <SendbirdChat /> I use <ChannelList /> and <Channel /> Components wrapped by <SendbirdProvider /> and <ChannelListProvider />. So I have to implement current channel logic. isn’t the perfect solution but it works for me.


Sorry for the delayed response here. By chance are the channels that are missing empty? By default, we do not return channels that contain no messages in the query.

Yes, even when I create manually a channel using the SDK, the user don’t join the channel and only see “No channels” in screen. This behavior was different before. I was using <SendbirdChat /> and was possible create a new channel using SDK and join this channel.

In my case, the channels have existed for some time and contain messages.


This is odd and it would be great if you were able to reproduce this in something like stackblitz or codesandbox so we can take a look at what’s going on.


So the existing channels no longer appear? Can you also provide a reproducible example for me?