Creating User from SDK results in MAU

Hi - we’ve implemented the sendbird SDK, however whenever we create a new user it is counting towards our MAU even if that user does nothing. I have seen that the platform API has a way to create a user and it seems like they arent counting towards MAU. Is there any way to accomplish the same using the SDK?


Hi @RobRobson,

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You should not be creating users via the SDK. In fact, the only reason you can create users with the SDK is because your security settings in the dashboard allow for anyone with your APP_ID to connect to your application.

You should only be creating users with the Platform API only. When you “create” a user with the SDK you’re actually connecting to the server thus creating a Websocket connection. MAU is defined as the unique number of users who’ve connected to the server and created a websocket connection over the course of a month.