Infromation about SDK calls

What is the use of below mentioned calls?

  • allow_user_list_from_sdk
  • allow_user_update_from_sdk
  • allow_open_channel_create_from_sdk
  • Allow_group_channel_create_from_sdk

Are there any changes to the above mentioned items in the latest SDK?

Any update on this question? Also, please confirm is those attributes used in chat & video call SDK as well or not?

Hello @Development_Account,

These attributes are in place to control whether or not you can create group channels, create open channels, list application users, and update a user from the SDK.

This only applies to Sendbird Chat and not Sendbird Calls.

If you are utilizing any of the following methods based on the documentation below, you would be utilizing these attributes.

If you have any further questions regarding these attributes, please file a support ticket through your Dashboard and our support team will be happy to answer them for you!