Custom User Online Status

Hey everyone,

I would like to implement a feature where the user can toggle on a custom availability status that is visible to other users in the channel. For example, toggling between being seen as offline/online/away, like in Slack, Discord, or Linkedin.

Ii thought about implementing this via user metadata, however, other users of the channel will not receive an event about this via the event handler…

Does anyone perhaps have a suggestion on how this could be implemented?

Hi @Brandon_Ho,

I’ve been thinking this one over to see if I could think of any elegant way to achieve this with what is currently available. Unfortunately there are no handlers that are designed to specifically listen to a users status. In theory, you’d have to piggy back off a channel event but that definitely doesn’t support any kind of real-time update.

Outside of that, there are not many options that I can recommend while still guiding you towards a healthy and efficient implementation.