Dashboard & Support Form are locked- Need Support Help ASAP!

Hi all,

WOke up this morning and our dashboard is locked. I think we overran our free trial.

  • When I go to “Billing” the dashboard is still locked. It directs me to Support/Contact Is

  • But when I go to Contact Us, I can’t select a reason for contacting support, so it won’t let me submit the form.

As a rsult, I can’t contact anyone at SendBird about this problem and we’re locked out of services. Can someone please contact us ASAP?

Hello @Subvrsive_HL,

Welcome to the Sendbird community. Could you please DM me your APP_ID, and I’ll be more than happy to take a look.


Hey Tyler,

Where would I find that? Like I mentioned, all of our screens are locked, so I can’t see any info. Image attached

Sorry about that confusion. Could you send me the name of your organization?

Handling via DMs