Did create user api remove empty string in nickname before?

I encountered some old data issue, which is empty string separater of user 's nickname striped, like “Bob T” => ‘BobT’, not sure is there some strip empty string change in this api before.

Looking forward to get your reply, thanks!

api: https://sendbird.com/docs/chat/v3/platform-api/guides/user#2-create-a-user

Hey @Lei_Miao,

We do not strip white space from the nickname. I just ran an example test, and here are the results:
From Postman:

And on the Dashboard:


Thanks for your quick reply. Yes, it not strip empty string now.
Just curious is it strip empty string in some period.


As far as I am aware, we do not strip white space from the nickname at any time.

Gotcha, thanks! appreciate it