All Channels deleted

Just a few days ago all of the group channels were wiped clean. I am sure it’s not done from backend side or frontend side since we don’t have any logic of mass deletion of group channels. Is there a way to know how they got deleted? Like an Audit log?
I am calling sendbird API from Nodejs

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If there are no users in the channel then Sendbird removes empty channels by default.

We have an internal application attribute that we can enable and after then empty channels will not be removed.

Let me know if this helps in clarifying a few things here.

We create channels when we have at least one user. So most of the channels I believe definitely had at least 1 user.
Is there any audit log which I can access when channels are being deleted in mass? I believe around 2-3k channels were deleted

~ Edit
I found the issue, it was on list all groups it was giving all the groups so it deleted everything. It was hard to find it but we did. It would be good if we have access to an audit log. Thanks for the help.