Disable attachment button on sendbird default input (ReactJS)


I’m using Sendbirds OpenChannel component from the React UI Kit. I was wondering if there is a way to hide this attachments button?


Hi @devluked

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You can add the following to your CSS file.

.sendbird-message-input--attach {
  display: none;

Thank you! I ended up making a custom input, but this is nice to keep in mind!

Is there an actual way of disabling this without doing a CSS hack? Voice records can be disabled via the UIKit with a simple boolean, but the file uploads cant?

File upload seem to be a bit of a security concern for us as we don’t want users to upload files at all.

Hi @K_T

The voice record feature is an extension feature in UIKit. However, message sending is one of the essential functionalities of the Chat, and we provide it as a primary component.
However, there is an application attribute to prevent the file message sending by a user.
If you want to stop sending file messages by the users, please DM me your application ID.
I’ll turn off the functionality for your application.