Disable Certain Features From Being Done On The Front-End?

By default, in the vanilla Sendbird JS SDK and the UIKit JS SDK, users can create channels and manage channels without a back-end. I can not provide or disable the visual aspects of these functionalities, but an enterprising user with technical knowledge can still take their access token and use that to get access to these features.

Is there a way to disable certain features so that they can only be done on the back-end (when we make a call with an app ID / secret)? For example, I want my front-end to send a request to our back-end which then creates a channel and then provide the channel URL to the front-end. I don’t want the front-end to have the ability to create a new channel on its own.

Hi @diggtydo,

We do have the ability actions via the SDK through ACLs that can be set by the Sendbird team. Those are:

  • Allow group channel creation from SDK
  • Allow group channel invite from SDK
  • Allow group channel leave from SDK
  • Allow group channel update from SDK
  • Allow message update from SDK
  • Allow open channel creation from SDK
  • Allow user list from SDK
  • Allow user update from SDK

So these are options that are not available in our dashboard, but which we can request from Sendbird?

That is correct. They currently can only be adjusted by our team, and thus a request is required.