How to limit the 'invite user to channel' feature to only backend (platform SDK)

According to my knowledge, members of a private group channel can invite anyone to join that group channel if they have the user Ids. However, our project requirement is, the member can only invite users from a specific pool of people (user Ids). This pool of people is completely managed by our backend service (like people in the circle or friends).
Therefore to solve our problem, one of the solutions that I came up with is, to disabled the invite action from the front-end SDK and only allow the platform SDK to handle user invites. But I don’t think SendBird provides the options to halt user invite features from front-end SDK. So my question is, is there a way to satisfied this requirement from our projects?

@LeonAdvice Hi there.

Sendbird has an private access control level setting to prevent invites via SDK. Please can you DM me your Sendbird Application ID and I will see if we are able to apply the setting in your case.