Disable initialization log spam?

Is it possible to disable all the log spam during initialization? I’m talking about:

SendbirdChat [2024.03.22 11:28:13.625 +0900] [SendBirdChat] [INFO] initializationState Initialize state: initializing

SendbirdChat [2024.03.22 11:28:13.625 +0900] [SendBirdChat] [INFO] init(useNativeSocket:cachePolicy:apiHost:wsHost:) API Host: xxxxxx

SendbirdChat [2024.03.22 11:28:13.626 +0900] [SendBirdChat] [INFO] init(useNativeSocket:cachePolicy:apiHost:wsHost:) WS Host: xxxxxx

SendbirdChat [2024.03.22 11:28:13.627 +0900] [SendBirdChat] [VERBOSE] startReachability(host:) Run the network reachability.

SendbirdChat [2024.03.22 11:28:13.627 +0900] [INFO] startNotifier() Start notifier: SendbirdChatSDK.Reachability

SendbirdChat [2024.03.22 11:28:13.628 +0900] [SendBirdChat] [VERBOSE] startReachability(host:) Current reachable network interface: WiFi

SendbirdChat [2024.03.22 11:28:13.629 +0900] [INFO] init(timeInterval:userInfo:onBoard:identifier:repeats:expired:) ACK timer: <SendbirdChatSDK.SBTimer: 0x11203b920>

[SDK Version]

[Reproduction Steps]

SendbirdUI.initialize(applicationId: SENDBIRD_APP_ID){ error in
            if let error {
                logger.error("SendbirdUI initialisation: \(String(describing: error))")

For now the best I’ve found is to call


before any sort of initialization. That at least reduces the log spam to just

SendbirdChat [2024-03-22 07:50:52 +0000] 🚨SendbirdChat instance hasn't been initialized.🚨