Do we have any platform api getting started guide?

I love your kind documentation and various examples on multiple environments.
Your vestige, however, seems not to have a quick start guide on platform-api.

As a starter of sendbird, I would like to understand how to use platform-api or like to get confirmed if what I understand is correct.

Could you kindly help me to understand yours?

Let’s assume, I send a meesage with my server with sendbird !

is the flow like below ?

[client A ] → [my server with sendbird platform-api] → sendbird chat server → [my server with sendbird platform-api] → [client B]

If my understanding is right,
to implement this flow, what sequences do I have to consider from create user id to send a message to client B, In my small knowledge, there might be several steps and APIs to make it work such as login, create session, listening a message from sendbird, sending a message etc.

Do you have some documents to follow this headfirst steps and to review reference architecture design ?

I hope to hear from you soon.

Hi @gnoopy and welcome to the Sendbird Community!

The Platform API can be used by your server side application to manage your Sendbird users, channels, and other chat functionality.

For your client side application you would want to use one of the Chat SDK’s. The SDK’s contain classes and methods you can use to manage login, sessions, and event handling. You could also use one of the Chat UI Kits, which contain pre built and customizable UI components that are built on top of the Chat SDKs.

Architecturally, the following is how User A sending message to User B would look:
User A (Using Chat SDK or UI Kit) → Sendbird Server → User B (Using Chat SDK or UI Kit)

I would recommend reading through some of our documentation for one of the Chat SDK of your choice found here Chat | Sendbird Docs.

Let me know if you have any other questions.