Implementing Sendbird with Django

Hi there,

I’m looking to incorporate the Sendbird Chat API in my current website and I was wondering what was the recommended way to go about this. Currently my stack is MySql - Django - Bootstrap. Is the best way to go about this to use the Platform API or JavaScript SDK? Or possibly a combination of both? I’m slightly confused on the difference between the two and when to use each.

If this isn’t possible, would I have an easier setup switching to a MERN stack (which I’ve also considered). The Platform API shows some Python instructions so I assume its compatible with Django but I was directed from Sales to ask here to make sure that the product is compatible before going ahead with it.

Thank you!

Hello @hexis :slight_smile:
If you plan to use sendbird on backend side (webhook and any other features that you want to handle on behalf of server side logic) then Platform API is way to go, its RESTful and you can literally call from any platforms via http call. On the other hand, I assume you are going to integrate Sendbird on your website (using Django) then use Javascript SDK on front-end logic which makes you easier to access features (it encapsulates websocket / api calls to provide chat features)