Does `getTotalUnreadChannelCount()` count all unread channels including frozen channel?

Hi community,

I’m working on the Sendbird JS and need to get total unread channel count. Sendbird JS supports it by method getTotalUnreadChannelCount(). This method calls the API:
GET https://api-{application_id}{user_id}/unread_channel_count

My case:
The user has 300 SB channels but only 40 channels should be shown as valid/activated conversations in our web app. These 40 channels are marked as read. But other 260 SB channels include 12 unread channels. Therefore, getTotalUnreadChannelCount() return 12 instead of 0 as expected.
We only need to work on 40 channels. The unread channels should be filtered in 40 channels only.

Does getTotalUnreadChannelCount() count all unread channels including frozen channel? If yes, how can I do to filter them? Since getTotalUnreadChannelCount() OR ``getTotalUnreadMessageCount()` don’t support filter params.

Thank all!