How to i get all unread messages?

i want to get all unread messages
not count! I want accurate message information
thank you

Hello @1118,

Welcome to the Sendbird Community. I understand you’re looking to retrieve all of your unread messages. Specifically the messages themselves and not a count of the number of unread messages. Are you looking to achieve this per channel or across multiple channels?


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yes, all channels…

@1118 There is no way to fetch unread messages as standalone objects. Individual messages do not contain any field to indicate if they have been read or not. As such it is not possible to fetch a list of “messages” based on whether or not they have been read.

However, what is possible is to filter channels that contain unread message using the UnreadChannelFilter JS SDK, iOS SDK, and Android SDK.


thank you! I’ll try…

thank I solved it!!!