Dynamic Partitioning

What is the Dynamic Partitioning feature you list on your home page under Moderate > Channel Management?

Hey @proton,

Dynamic Partitioning is a feature where users are separated into virtual groups to maintain the load of each group as well as to control the chat experience (i.e. too many users sending messages will render the chat unusable) within the channel. This feature works only for open channels. Does that make sense?

It does, so like in a live event you auto-distribute (partition) users across channels? can you set the limit per channel? Also does that mean SendBird manages the user counts across them?

@proton Correct. So essentially you specify a number of ‘Shards’ or partitions in a given channel, and you specify how many users per shard, or partition. There is a third criteria, ‘Allocation Ratio’, which essentially is a threshold before a new shard is created. So if you have 10 shards specified as your max, and Allocation ratio is 50%, then once first shard hits 50 percent cap a new shard is created, and etc. There is also a deallocation ratio which is kinda the opposite of Allocation ration(Once a channel falls below a certain threshold, shards start to merge. All the limits are set on our end, and you tell us what you want.

wow that’s pretty awesome :slightly_smiling_face:

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