Error: loading the UiKit in React native

I have installed the UiKit by yarn add sendbird-uikit and then import components like below

import {Channel as Conversation} from 'sendbird-uikit';
import "sendbird-uikit/dist/index.css";

By running app, I am getting

Error: Unable to resolve module sendbird-uikit/dist/index.css from src/screens/Chat/index.js : sendbird-uikit/dist/index.css could not be found within the project.

I have checked the node module folder. This file is present.

I tried reinstalling all the modules, but this error keeps appearing.
Also installed,

  • React 16.8.0+
  • React DOM 16.8.0+
  • Sendbird Chat SDK for JavaScript 3.0.115+
  • css-vars-ponyfill 2.3.2
  • date-fns 2.16.1

But not worked.
Does anyone have a solution for this?? Please reply

@Sravan_S @Cjeon
Please help, I am stuck with this issue for the last 3 days.

NOTE: I have added the JS SDK, as here it mentions that we can use it

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