Error reply message

hallo sendbird tim,

I get an error when I try to reply to a message that has been replied to before.

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  • some : 0x600002750ee0 - Message: Ttttttttt, ID: 0, Sender: Manika Larasati, Timestamp: 1647583586688
    Printing description of error.some:
    (NSError) baseNSError@0 = domain: “Message is blocked due to invalid ‘parent_message_id’” - code: 900033 {
    _userInfo = 0x0000000000000000

Hi @Reza_Pahlevi

While replying to the message, parent_message_id is important. The error says that parent_message_id is invalid.

How did you implement the reply feature? Could you please share some here? Message threading | Chat iOS SDK | Sendbird Docs

In addition to @sardorbek.numonov’s comment, it’s important to note that you cannot reply to a reply. Sendbird currently only supports 1 level of threading.