Failed media message is getting lost once the user navigates from the page

I am using Android SendBird Chat SDK version 3.0.167 and SyncManager version 1.1.30. So when the user has some failed media message and the user navigates or closes the app and comes back then the failed message is lost. So the user cannot to the retry.

@Tyler any help here :point_up_2:

@Tej Hi. It is helpful for us if you give us more information or reproduce steps. How can we reproduce it?

@LeoShin , so the steps to reproduce is,
Go inside any group chat and there upload any media(image/video/file) while it is uploading if internet goes off or for some reason the upload fails then we show the upload failed sign beside the media to indicate to the user that the media was not sent. Now if the user presses back button to exit the chat page then the failed message(media message) is lost once he comes back to the chat page.

But for the failed text messages it is visible to the user to retry.

The SyncManager deletes the failed file message without saving it. It is intended behavior. However, if the message is a text message it will be re-sended.

see this link. About SyncManager | SyncManager Android SDK | Sendbird Docs

@LeoShin In the docs I see that sync manager support for file messages is coming soon, so do we have any time line for it?

Because this is a serious problem in our use case, our user may have uploaded a video in the poor network area and it may have failed to upload, but when user comes to good network area then he wants to retry it but now the file message is lost.

So do we have any other work around or so for this?

Android provides many ways for storing media files locally. For example here:

Before sending a message, you can store media in one of these mediums and check afterwards.