.getReadMembers doesn't update after a failed to send message

Hello we see an error where the channel.getReadMembers(with: message, includeAllMembers: false) fails to reflect the correct status of what has been read when a message failed to send via channel.sendUserMessage(with:) but then new messages are sent afterwards. The read status remains stuck at the last message marked as read before that failed message. Any new message that sends and is marked as read by the other channel users will not update to be shown as read by those users via that .getReadMembers() method.

I have to completely restart the app for .getReadMembers() to update correctly.

I suspect that the read status of the failed message is cached by the SDK until successfully resent and so any new messages that are sent are checked against that cache instead of actually checking the channel?


Thank you very much for this case. I will work to reproduce it then discuss with Sendbird’s engineers for a fix. Please, can I know the SDK version and platform you are using?