FatalError on Initialisation iOS SDK

// Detailed description of issue.

Occasionally we receive this fatal error:

Fatal error: Duplicate keys of type 'BaseMessage' were found in a Dictionary.

This usually means either that the type violates Hashable's requirements, or

that members of such a dictionary were mutated after insertion.

I am not sure what the cause of this is. Can anyone point us in the right direction? All the call stack is within the SendbirdSDK so I’m not sure if there is any implementation issue.

So far, it is happening on initial load of the app (before any SendbirdSDK APIs are called) or also when calling APIs like reloadChannels, etc…
So I have a feeling there is a bug in the Caching mechanism or perhaps I have implemented the channel collection incorrectly.

// How frequently is this issue occurring?

maybe 20% of the time?

@Sendbird Can you address this? It is still happening to our application!