Crash at SBDCommandProcessor.m line 861

Hi sendbird team

we have about 1000 crash record on firebase recently after we update the SDK to v3.0.226
it didn’t crash before and we didn’t change any app side source code. so we guess it’s root cause is
inside the sendbird iOS sdk. currently we update to the latest v3.0.231 and keep monitoring the crash logs.

I will look into what’s root cause on this issue. Thanks for reporting it @yuli.sun

I think latest version will not cause this issue. it has been patched.

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We had updated to latest v3.0.231
and will continues monitoring the crash log
Thanks, I will report here if it no more crash using v3.0.231

we never reproduced the crash, it only recorded on firebase crashlytics
so it will take times until we finally confirmed