FCM does not come when I send a message to "sendMultipleFilesMessage"

Hello, I have a question because FCM message didn’t come when I sent a file message through sendMultipleFilesMessage which was updated recently.
When I send one file through sendFileMessage that I used before, I think it is a problem of send Multiple FilesMessage because FCM messages are being received well, but if you have any other opinions, I will listen carefully.
If it is a problem with sendMultipleFilesMessage, I wonder if there is any plan to fix it.

Thank you in advance.

Hi there.

sendMultipleFilesMessage is different from sendFileMessages. Please can I recommend that you use the later.

sendMultipleFilesMessage is still in development and has a particular target customer. If you are really super interested in using it then let me know and I will get back to let your know when it is fully complete and documented (timeline not yet decided).


I ran into this issue today,

I think it would be helpful if the TS definitions for sendMultipleFilesMessage is updated with comments to reflect that it should not be used, or have an error message returned when trying to use it?