FCM/HMS Pushes plus Sendbird Pushes


in my app fcm/hms push notifications are heavy used.
it is possible to implement “multi device support” besides that?

Docs say I have to add MyFirebaseMessagingService extends SendBirdPushHandler. I even have a MyFirebaseMessagingService for FCM - > i dont want to break the current FCM implementation

Is it possible at all?

Hi @swordi .
I am sorry, but we aren’t supporting multi-device support without SendBirdPushHandler.
So you need to extends SendBirdPushHandler for your MyFireBaseMessagingSerice.
If you have any questions about implementing SendBirdPushHandler, please reply it or post it to the community.

Thank you, have a good day.

Thanks for your answer

So its not possible to get pushes from my backend through fcm AND get multi device pushes from sendbird?

Hi @swordi . Sorry for the late response.
It’s possible to handle both sendbird’s push notifications and other backend’s push notifications .
The message from other backends will always pass to onMessageReceived.
So from SendBirdPushHandler’s onMessageReceived, you will receive notifications from SendBird or the other FCM Provider.