Please help integrate SendbirdPushHandler

Good day. We have a current working implementation of FirebaseMessagingService in production. Unfortunately, based on your docs, we will be unable to get multi-device support for push notification without extending SendbirdPushHandler. My issue at the moment is, on test, onMessageReceived is not being invoked on a class extending SendbirdPushHandler. Please help why it’s not working.

How I set it up:

  • Disable current working implementation of FirebaseMessagingService in Manifest
  • Make FCMService extending SendbirdPushHandler
  • Copy code of class extending SendbirdPushHandler from your sample apps, with alwaysReceiveMessage set to true
  • set registerPushHandler on Application class and on login
  • Go to Sendbird Dashboard, enable “Send to devices both offline and online” in Push Notification settings
  • Test with Push Notification tester

What works:

  • Auto-registration of token

What doesn’t work

  • Invoke of onMessageReceived

Let me repeat, my issue at the moment is not in the building of push notifications, but on getting payload from onMessageReceived, thanks

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Any updates on these?

I have a similar issue. I do receive the payload message on my custom SendbirdPushHandler but only when the app is on the foreground/background. If the app is totally closed/killed, my custom SendbirdPushHandler somehow cannot receive the message.