FileProvider manifest merger conflict with other dependencies


Hi! Im am getting this error after trying to add the uikit sdk:

Manifest merger failed : Attribute value=(@xml/sb_file_paths) from [:golfer] AndroidManifest.xml:581:17-55

is also present at [:origo-sdk-debug] AndroidManifest.xml:25:17-61 value=(@xml/diagnostic_file_path).

Suggestion: add ‘tools:replace=“android:resource”’ to element at AndroidManifest.xml to override.

It seems like both dependencies are using the same FileProvider. Would if be possible for you guys to subclass FileProvider and use that in the Manifest? I think this would help a lot to prevent clashing with other dependencies other developers may be using in the future.

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implementation ‘com.sendbird.sdk:uikit:3.3.3’

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Have multiple dependencies using androidx.core.content.FileProvider as a provider.


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Halting release to production.

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