[Bug] Cannot access external files on Android 13

When I build my application using Sendbird UIKit,

  1. application fails to attach files from ChannelFragment, and…
  2. READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission is revoked (so the application cannot access external files at all).


  • Sendbird UIKit 3.1.1
  • Android 13

Application could access external files with UIKit 2.X, or on Android 12 or below.

Suspicious cause of this bug

  • UIKit sets READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE with android:maxSdkVersion="32" option (GitHub).
  • When UIKit’s AndroidManifest.xml is merged with the application’s one, android:maxSdkVersion="32" is set
  • If the application’s targetSdkVersion is under 33, READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE is just revoked.


When I set tools:remove="android:maxSdkVersion" to the application’s AndroidManifest.xml, the application could access files as expected.

I’m seeing something related. Also target SDK version 33. An attached video file cannot be opened unless one accesses the gallery prior and clicks through the permissions dialogs.
There should be a permissions dialog also when downloading and playing a video file. It just appears broken to a user.