Getting connection Cancelled error in Android

I keep on getting
E/SBUIKIT: [16:41:21.054 Splash_A$2:lambda$run$0$Splash_A$2():96] SendBirdException{code=800102, message=Connection has been canceled.}

I was integrating the send bird in my android studio, it was working morning but now it starts throwing this exception…

This exception is thrown when this happens in Android:

Remember we have a Logger you can activate for more detail on any error:

Feel free to post any code here to provide more help.

please find the complete stack trace.
W/System.err: SendBirdException{code=800102, message=Connection has been canceled.}
W/System.err: at
at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker(
at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$

@sakkk Question: Are you trying to connect to Sendbird inside a Thread?
If so, can you please try moving this outside and see if all goes well?

No, It is not part of the thread. when the app launchess it loads a MainACtivity class as well which takes care of all the activity stuffs…

Thanks @sakkk

Maybe you can share your implementation so we can have a better idea… But if it’s not possible, can you please mention any differences you see between your code and mine here so I can have a better idea of what could be happening:



Repository here: