Send connection error


I am using chat SDK in my projects.

Sometimes I am getting an error message in the toast.

Below are the errors I am getting.

  • 800102: Connection has been canceled
  • 800110: Invalid arguments

I don’t have any idea why and from where it is being shown.

Can you please me guide me to solve these error?


@Rakesh_Katta Given the information, I can only give you pretty wild guesses. For 800102 error, it might be problem with internet connection which was unexpectedly interrupted. For 800110, I can’t help you without detail information like where it was happened.

@Woo Thanks for the reply. For 800102 error, I am getting most of the time when I open the app and I am sure that the internet is working fine as I am receiving the response from the server. I don’t have many details for 800110 as the user is facing this error and he has forwarded the screenshots.

I wonder if this issue is occurred in the sample application, have you ever tried it before? So every time you attempt to connect you are getting ConnectionCancel error? It all depends how you integrate SDK into your application :confused:

@Rakesh_Katta, yeah as @Woo said, it’s kinda hard without you posting the code and error messages.

Another wild guess, since 800102 is also triggered by the disconnect method, maybe (and this is depending on your app), maybe something is happening on your SendBird.init() process that failing either through slow speed or other factors, and then triggering the disconnect method. That would then explain the 800110 error as basically any argument would be invalid if you’re disconnected.