Getting multiple error while making build for ios ( "react": "18.2.0", "react-native": "0.71.12","@sendbird/calls-react-native": "^1.0.2",)

  1. SendBirdCalls/SendBirdCalls.framework/Headers/SendBirdCalls-Swift.h:3782:85 Unknown type name ‘CMSampleBufferRef’; did you mean ‘CVImageBufferRef’?
  2. Expected a type on this code
- (void)didAudioDeviceChange:(SBCDirectCall * _Nonnull)call session:(AVAudioSession * _Nonnull)session previousRoute:(AVAudioSessionRouteDescription * _Nonnull)previousRoute reason:(AVAudioSessionRouteChangeReason)reason;
  1. SendBirdCalls/SendBirdCalls.framework/Headers/SendBirdCalls-Swift.h:6141:27 Cannot find interface declaration for ‘RTCEAGLVideoView’, superclass of ‘SBCVideoView’
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I’m also having the same issue did you find some solution …?

There is no one replying from community so i have to downgrade my react-native version to 0.68.2
you can try by downgrading the version

We are using sendbird service in our app from 2 year. But now we need to upgrade our app if they will not respond to me we will change the service… Because we are paying from 2 year…

Did you Implemented sendBird video call in IOS ? @Farhan_Shamshad
if yes can you please help me out with this error

SendbirdCalls.getDirectCall works fine on foreground and background, only problems on killed state

i use try catch on SendbirdCalls.getDirectCall and i got this error
[Error: The operation couldn’t be completed. (sendbird_calls_react_native.RNCallsInternalError error 4.)]