[iOS] Various errors appear when trying to build

I’m trying to build an app on iOS, but I keep getting an error.
Below are the details of the error.

  1. Unknown type name ‘CMSampleBufferRef’; did you mean ‘CVImageBufferRef’?
  2. Expected a type
  3. Expected a type
  4. Cannot find interface declaration for ‘RTCMTLVideoView’, superclass of ‘SBCVideoView’
    스크린샷 2023-12-01 오후 1.42.32

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[SDK Version]

react-native: 0.72.6
@sendbird/calls-react-native: 1.0.3

[Reproduction Steps]

I’m currently doing initial setup and building, but it always appears.

[Current impact]
Unable to test our app…

There is also something like this in that article.

That was a very stupid problem. Solved.

#import <SendBirdCalls/SendBirdCalls-Swift.h>
#import <CoreMedia/CoreMedia.h>
#import <WebRTC/WebRTC.h>

The above is the existing code, but if you change it to the below, it works fine. It was a problem with import order. sorry.

#import <CoreMedia/CoreMedia.h>
#import <WebRTC/WebRTC.h>
#import <SendBirdCalls/SendBirdCalls-Swift.h>