How can I set the Do Not Disturb for group messages?

From the current Android API documentation, I didn’t find any instructions on how to set do not disturb for group messages.
Please forgive me and point me in the right direction if I’m missing something.
Thank you so much.

Does anyone know?
thanks for help.

Hello @mily.mi,

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You’ll want to take a look at managing push preferences for the user to implement do not disturb Configure push notification preferences | Chat Android SDK | Sendbird Docs

Hey @Tyler ,
What I want to do is not for push, but for groups.
When Do Not Disturb is set for a group, message reminders sent by the group are blocked.
Messages can still be viewed, but when a new message is sent to the group, push notifications will no longer be received.
is there any solution.


I’m not sure I follow what you’re after. Typically DND prevents push notifications from occurring. You can control this at the user level, and the channel level.

// Apply the user's push notification setting to the channel.
groupChannel.setMyPushTriggerOption(GroupChannel.PushTriggerOption.DEFAULT) { e ->
    if (e != null) {
        // Handle error.

    // ...

Thanks for the update.
I’ll check it out.
have a good day.