setMyPushTriggerOption vs setPushPreference to enable/disable push notifications

In order to enable or disable the notifications of a chat, which is the best API to use:
GroupChannel.setMyPushTriggerOption or GroupChannel.setPushPreference ?
Is there any difference between these two in order to enable or disable notifications?

@antonio.vitiello you should use setPushPreference. Its more like enable/disable and setMyPushTriggerOption is for triggering push for certain event such as mention.

Thank you @Woo !
But if I’m not mistaken setPushPreference doesn’t immediately update the object GroupChannel while setMyPushTriggerOption does, or am I wrong?

I’m sorry! Please use setMyPushTriggerOption instead setPushPreference. setPushPreference is deprecated :sob:

@Woo my environment doesn’t tell me that this method is deprecated, maybe I have an old version of the library?
Where can I download the new version?

Oh its not deprecated yet but it will soon. You can just use setMyPushTriggerOption for push configuration. Can you elaborate a bit more about " setPushPreference doesn’t immediately update the object GroupChannel"? which property is not get updated?

With >> setPushPreference doesn’t immediately update <<
I mean that the GroupChannel object is not immediately updated after calling groupChannel.setPushPreference(false) on it, while groupChannel.setMyPushTriggerOption(GroupChannel.PushTriggerOption.OFF) does, in this case the GroupChannel actually turns off notifications.
Thanks a lot @Woo , solved.

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I see, I will inform our android team to see regards setPushPreference issue! Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi, @antonio.vitiello
Android is same.
setPushPreference was deprecated. We missed deprecate annotation. Please use setMyPushTriggerOption