How do I delete old file stored in Sendbird

My account have 500GB file storage usage and I get billed for the overuse every month.
But most of the files stored are old historical file that we don’t need anymore.

What is the best way to remove old stored files to reduce the usage?
Can it be done in Sendbird Dashboard?

Hello @bangtguh ,

Welcome to the Sendbird community!.

As of now, we provide the usage of file storage at the application level. If you want to reduce file storage, you need to delete the channels and messages on your end.

More info:

  • If there is no member in the group channel, it will be deleted automatically. Sendbird removes empty group channels by default.

  • You might update the message_retention_hours(link) to reduce the retention period.(Current message_retention_hours: 6 month)

*Additionally, you can perform a data export (premium feature) and collect FILE messages for deletion. Once you have a list of FILE messages you can DELETE them and the corresponding file should be removed.

*Also, sending a file message through a stored URL will reduce storage usage of file storage

Let me know if this helps.

Hello @Chinmaya_Gupta

Thank you. I updated the message_retention_hours to 6 months, previously it was set to 876000 :exploding_head: