Flie storage quota - how to backup and reset usage

How are we able to back-up and clear the existing usage so that we will not exceed the quotas set within our plan?

Hello @dennison ,

There are several ways to manage files storage:

  • Message retention - Specifies the length of time in hours that the messages are retained. The maximum message retention period is six months or 4,380 hours. You can reduce this value for your application. Sendbird will delete retained messages (including File and Text messages). This will delete Text messages too. Reference: Overview | Chat Platform API | Sendbird Docs
  • You need to delete files message by message-id via platform API.
    • You can collect file message information via Webhook and retrieve the message via channel URL.
    • Delete if it is over two weeks or one month via Platform API with a message-id.
  • Or you can save file messages to your own server and put the URL to our File message. Then Sendbird will not calculate these files for file storage
  • If you would like to use the Platform API, you will need to query the messages in your channels using the list messages API endpoint to search for FILE messages, and then you will need to use the delete messages API endpoint to remove the messages.

You should notice the amount by which your file storage utilization is measured decreases the following day after you remove the file messages.